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Strategic Workshops

As part of Creative Realities’ Experience Planning Process, we deliver the right goal and the right target.

Much of the heavy lifting for any deployment comes well before the first piece of technology is installed, through client/partner workshops designed to bring a cross section of functional experts together in a workshop setting, using a model that build consensus and forces strategic choices most pertinent to financial and marketing goals and objectives.

Clients who come to us for Workshop related to any number of initiatives or what-ifs, including:

In this session, we’ll discuss how to establish and clarify your [business and marketing] goals, metrics for measurement, how to identify and prioritize your targets best suited to deliver the marketing objectives. From that, identify the key behaviors [actions] required of each target audience that will help achieve the goals, and we drill down on what behaviors that currently are NOT occurring, and why, and why not –to help unlock key insights. Together, we map the journey to determine the locations, spaces, places and contexts that would be best suited to engage. Finally, we determine the content strategy and messaging that will make the most convincing call to action.

Together we define not only your Return on Investment, we guide you in exploring pain points and barriers to engagement and work with you to determine what your strategic plan will be going forward. The idea is to come out of this with these questions answered for your particular initiative tailored to category, customer, and competitive dynamics; adapted for your vertical.

Connect with Creative Realities now to understand how our approach to technology and digital planning can be utilized to unlock areas of opportunity on your customer’s journey.

Strategic Planning Workshops