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Our Service Level Agreements combines all the steps and processes covered throughout our site to ensure that your experience with our hardware/software is well-supported and hassle-free. It is our commitment to you as part of our end-to-end, best-in-class service.

Our Service Level Agreement defines the terms and corresponding pricing for client specific service bundles including but not limited to:

We provide ongoing post-installation monitoring for all clients which includes:

Remote Monitoring System: This digital signage system monitors the appropriate device and will, in most cases, report any issues to our support desk for remote technical support.

Remote Technical Support: CRI customer support desk will respond within rapid time [to be defined by our client requirements] of receipt of notification. Issues will be addressed during standard business hours or 24/7 if required.

Service Dispatch: For any incidents that cannot be resolved remotely, the ticket will be escalated to “dispatch required” and the Service Dispatch Support Team will notify client’s designated contact. A client approval would be required prior to dispatching the Field Service Technician to site. Upon client approval, a technician will be dispatched to site within 24-48 hours, or sooner if required/resourced.

Customer support desk includes the associated time supporting any Field Service Tech dispatched on site. In addition, it will include support of assigned project manager, who is on point to action the request, bring the teams together, traffic, monitor and serve as the liaison with the client.

Return Manufacturer Authorization: RMA services will be provided to accelerate response times to resolution. If tech visit concludes that the malfunction is due to a faulty screen, media player, power supply, data interruption, damage, or other cause, the Field Tech will report the issue to the CRI customer support desk, who would then escalate to customer for approval of next steps on part replacement and repair [via Return Manufacturer Authorization, RMA] protocols.

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