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The future of retail technology is not just about the technology itself, but what companies can do with new technologies to make the consumer experience a more engaging, immersive, and satisfying experience.

Our Enterprise Level CMS software platforms are best-in-breed and are stacked with a generous feature set that can be activated however the consumer or shopper journey comes to life. The platform can handle a multitude of content experiences, with exceptional precision, accuracy, automation, and performance. It’s easy to operate with advanced functionality that incorporate and integrate to existing hardware already in place, to allow for maximum Return on Investment over time.

The scheduling component allows content to be sequenced and play-listed in accordance with business rules and operational requirements. Content can be scheduled by zone, region, location, DMA, daypart, or a host of other triggers such as weather or foot traffic. This allows you to plan content around real time requirements at the site as well as coordinate with broader campaign and marketing activity.

The cloud-hosted applications are simple to upload, assign, control, and modify content for each display using an intuitive web interface and local desktop application. It provides the complete infrastructure to serve, manage and support any size digital signage network –at scale. It provides strong and reliable security using proven web technologies. Our CMS and service platform are highly scalable and can grow as your requirements grow.

Our reporting services add value to your digital signage resources, save capital, time, and effort, integrate and deploy rapidly, and seamlessly integrates with your company’s existing processes. Have the data you need at your fingertips for the confidence that investment in digital solution is paying dividends where it matters most.

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