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Data management is a critical aspect of our digital signage system. Our reporting tools gives our clients the opportunity to drill down into the analytics of any given campaign to understand how well it preformed across the targeted display screens.

With our Proof of Play Reporting you can create a customized request for multiple campaigns and content locations to be included in one report. The returned data can highlight the quantity of playbacks of a media file, which display units were apart of the campaign, how many opportunities there were for viewers to see the campaign per display unit, all within a specified time-frame.

This operational reporting data is delivered in a highly visual and user-friendly format, allowing you to clearly understand the metric you are reviewing. This includes:

In addition, you can run System Health reports which details the status of the media player, displays, and network connectivity. Clients find this information useful for their system administrators and Network Operation Center who have the responsibility of ensuring system up-time.

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