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Project Management

Our project management approach ensures that all our solutions are planned, managed, tested, kitted, shipped and installed using a disciplined process – from the moment a PO is received. We believe that by setting key milestones and tight timelines, we can set expectations from the onset and deliver on time, on budget and on strategy.

Once the Statement of Work has been authorized, a project manager — the point person in charge of your specific project — is assigned to the project from start to finish. We review the proposal, scope of work, bill of materials, and work toward creating a solid timeline and a realistic completion date to satisfy the requirements. When all the details are compiled and organized, your project manager establishes a schedule that will include milestones and the delivery date.

From there we meet with the client to cover the timeline/milestone dates, obtain the relevant content if needed, and discuss client responsibilities for installation readiness, content uploading, and verify specifications.

The project planning team also orders equipment and will confirm scheduling for onsite installation, schedules in-house integration, performs the on-site install, then submits the follow-up to our service department. At any given point in the project the PM and his/her Account Management lead will know exactly where things are at, keeping all the moving parts under control – and eliminating any anxiety or unnecessary noise in system.

The digital signage project is wrapped up on time, within budget, and with the proper approvals set up at the on-set. There’s no better process than ours anywhere. We also take care to ensure the project is properly transferred to our customer service team as part of the Day 2 support function, so that this hand off is smooth and sets the service team up for success to manage the deployment for the future. We stake our name on it.

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