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As a digital hardware reseller, our procurement strategy is to perform an internal needs analysis, assess the supplier’s market, compile supplier information, utilize our sourcing/outsourcing strategy, deploy the sourcing strategy, negotiate with suppliers, and implement a transition plan or contractual supply chain improvements.

Our Teams value the procurement process and ensure the best possible choices are made based on requirements, environment, and price point. We assess and evaluate every purchase to ensure the highest quality materials, components, and parts, combing the market place to source what’s available to meet the demands of the project, solution, budget tolerance, or client specification.

We believe in driving the purchase of new technology and leveraging it to proactively predict market trends so you have the best-in-class options grounded in “just enough” engineering required to deliver excellence. Our internal leveraging of bulk purchases places us in an excellent position to negotiate. Add to that our deep knowledge of the industry, awareness of emerging trends, product knowledge, and being on the forefront of consumer trends, or proactively setting those trends. We fully understand where we are today as compared to future technology and installations.

Additionally, we collaborate with vendors and work closely with our manufacturers to make sure our clients have access to the best quality equipment and after-market service, competitively priced, with sustainable warranties as well as product lifespan. These ‘non-monetary’ aspects help extend the value of procurement and help future proof choices that can be supported over time. This is how we demonstrate value for the investment.

Once we have purchased the materials, we leverage our prowess in logistics on behalf of our clients in order to drive down pricing wherever we can: whether it be through volume ordering, bulk shipping, or special financing packages that ensure the price/value ratio is experienced across every point in the purchasing process.

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