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Creative Realities offers a combination of Analytics & Insights, and Content Optimization services to better understand and fully realize the value of dynamic digital signage. We merge the science of consumer insights and predictive analytics with the ability to scale using technology, and we ensure an ongoing return on investment (ROI).

Using digital signage is a critical point of information, influence, and can lead to increased sales. Through active and effective performance analysis, we provide predictable ROI, allowing you to make better business decisions based on results. Data analytics is actively used to inform all decisions surrounding the initial and ongoing content strategy and how it is presented.

Our solution employs the latest in anonymous video-based facial detection and analysis to capture and measure a range of key data elements about the people patterns around the digital displays and how they engage with the messages appearing on those displays.

The most common uses for Anonymous Analytics of this kind is to help retailers and brands gain intelligence on how shoppers are engaging with digital, and the related fixture merchandising:

This is particularly effective at validating impacts of Campaign Seasons, Promotional Periods, Product Merchandising Tests and Predictive Analytics.

With an additional layer of development programming, the Anonymous Analytics platform can be integrated to our CMS platform, such that content can change based on gender / who is front of the screens.

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