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Installation Services

Our digital installation services are best-in-breed, as we have white glove, manufacturer certified, quality-controlled engineers and field technicians that deliver best in class execution of any type of digital deployment regardless of type of complexity. Thus, making us the ideal deployment partner for your digital display systems.

Our experienced technical and project management teams each have extensive and successful track records in installing and maintaining complex video displays in a wide range of client environments including retail, corporate, public venue, and transportation.

We maintain a team of certified field engineers, trained to provide direct field supervision and comprehensive technical verification of your display systems, ensuring high-quality, professional installations that meet not only manufacturer requirements for warranty, but also our code of excellence.

In addition, we employ a team of highly professional project managers who are vastly experienced with the technical, structural, and logistical nuances of a variety of display installations. This team is expertly positioned to oversee the planning and installation of your display systems across a wide range of environments.

And finally, our senior management team, comprised of operations and engineering experts, provides a wealth of specific, hands-on experience, handling the broad spectrum of business, technical, and creative considerations of display technology. We work with display manufacturers, end-user clients, creative agencies, and architectural firms in order to deliver effective results whenever and wherever digital displays is are the best solution.

Our successes include JFK Airport, theater lobbies in Chicago, outdoor bus stops in Philly, Penn Station in NY, the atrium at corporate headquarters in Baltimore, and a music hall in Cincinnati.

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