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Goal Setting

Creative Realities creates demand by helping our clients understand the value of digital for your commercial environments. We collaborate with you to address how digital experience can help drive customer behavior both in the short term, and as part of a larger ecosystem to achieve more predictability across seasonal ebbs and flows.

Our goal is to leverage digital in ways that can either boost sales or generate more predicable income and sales transactions over a period of time!

To do this, we facilitate goal setting, behavior analysis, and explore best use case for future marketing technology experiences with a plan that blends shopper marketing principles and technology applications to guide the experience design process. We design and create performance objectives to enrich our goals.

We assemble team of relevant cross functional specialists (lead consultant, analyst, designers); and from the client teams (appropriate contributors such as Marketing, Merchandising, IT, Insights) to workshop and collaborate around goal setting –such that we can establish ourselves accountable to achieve Return on Investment against quantitative goals and Return on Objectives against Qualitative Goals.

Through achievement of viable deliverables, we define goals, implement design thinking, facilitate development production, assist in deployment, and deliver results. In defining objectives, we reach quantitative and qualitative goals on every level.

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Performance Objectives