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Field Support

Field support at Creative Realities is comprised of a network of 6,000+ technicians carefully selected, vetted, and managed by our in-house project management teams, assigned to ensure flawless deployment where it’s needed most: onsite.

Our team takes pride and care in ensuring our digital signage installation services are best-in-class, consistent, and tightly managed – so that work is done professionally, accurately, and right the first time. Moreover, our supervision stays with the project irrespective of early mornings or late nights – to guarantee the technical teams have access to advanced skills in real time during the time of the install. We also ensure that our client teams or businesses are not disrupted during this process, so it’s a hassle free and quiet as possible.

We again tap our Field Support team to provide ongoing service or routine content updates if required, and as digital signage features, functionality, and software continue to evolve. Using things like predictive parts management and matching skill sets with service calls, dedicated techs, etc. We improve upon the continuity of our services.

Solving real and present field service issues with future knowledge, technology, and actual intelligence—that’s what we do. We establish and maintain strong, effective relationships with our field teams ensure they are expertly trained, directed and empowered to provide a consistently high level of service. Our clients demand this of us, and so we place a high value of ensuring our teams are up to the task and master it.

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