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At Creative Realities, we see our role as making it simple, and efficient to help clients take advantage of the now – new and next generation technologies in a way that are within reach of strategic and budgetary goals.

What makes our approach radically different is that we start the conversation not with “what screens or tech are you looking for”, but rather, “what consumer, shopper, brand or environment barrier needs to be addressed”. We do this by exploring client’s pain points or barriers to engagement, as well as through Technography, which is the study of how consumers natively utilize digital in their surroundings.

Using a behavior-based strategic planning construct inspired from our extensive work with Brand Management, we’re able to identify the technology experiences most fertile to shift behavior at the right place in their journey from home, life, and store. Even when the store may not be a traditional brick and mortar or experienced solely on a personal device in their hand. By helping consumers navigate, browse, share, match, compare, fill the basket, check out, and return more quickly, when its contextually relevant, we’re able to justify digital so it earns its right in the marketing mix spend.

Through a combination of immersive content, software and interactive applications, we’re able to fuse well designed user interface with beautiful hardware to make engagement easy, intuitive, and too good to refuse.

Tap here to connect with us for current use cases how our Experience Planning Process drives human centric solutions in literally every Category and Vertical in which we work.

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