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Engineering Approach

Our engineering approach is built around the human experience, thoughtfully architected, beautifully designed and integrated into virtually any physical environment. Our design and systems engineering process creates the technology, environment, and content designed to put the human at the center of the experience, not the reverse.

Our unique team of professionals have extensive experience planning, designing, building, and managing retail shopping experiences and digital out-of-home networks. We work to create the most unique and dynamic digital engagement available anywhere. We deliver complete systems engineering from blueprints, CAD files and full drawing documents, to on-site programming and ongoing systems management.

Combined with our fabrication methods, systems integration approach, and our hardware, we provide thorough, end-to-end installments that covers everything you need to increase your visibility and effectiveness in your industry.

Our end-to-end engineers design displays, connections, wall designs, audio-visual design, and more. After connecting with our clients and depending on the size of your project, we submit a drawing package that gives you a plain view of the space, icons of equipment, outlets, racks, and feeds, a required Ceiling Plan that shows where speakers are placed, as well as other access points.

We create detailed wiring schematics and installation detail using CAD and DWG on most projects.

We take into consideration the environment in which the project will be installed, working from original blueprints and assessing traffic flow, and entrance and departure points.

We have successfully installed and deployed thousands of digital experiences – on time, on budget, and at scale – from a single flagship to a 3,000-site network. We deliver predictive analytics platforms to drive results, harvest critical customer insights, and provide untapped value.

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System Engineering