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Custom Applications

Our UX/UI and solutions team work with you to gather user and technical requirements, such that the custom applications we build create personalized, meaningful, and relevant touch-points with end user. Our approach to custom applications is to build device-agnostic, HTML platforms, so they can be run from desktop PC, tablets, mobile devices, and beyond.

As with any content experience we design, we ensure the communications and is on brand, reflective of the look and feel of the space, and crafted in function of the behaviors we’re meant to inspire and change.

Our custom software development efforts leverage our CMS for simplicity and cost effectiveness in management and support. Simplicity is most notably delivered through software-based content management interfaces that are user friendly and relevant to the workflow and nomenclature of our client. Cost effectiveness is often delivered through a “total cost of ownership” of our CMS platform to deliver the right message, the right time, and the right place along the consumer journey. Our ability to create “hooks” through API integration allow us to bring in all types of data feeds, from POS to inventory – so that we’re delivering a unified, and automated, content experience in real time.

We also acknowledge the need for a multi-channel integration approach that provides you with an integrated customer experience that includes digital signage, touch screen kiosks, web interfaces and mobile applications. Integration of camera-based analytics has also been a focus providing the ability to track audience traffic, dwell time and gaze duration to validate the monetization of our solutions. We recommend technology experiences that are grounded in behavior-based requirements that are measurable and trackable, and that tie back to ROI metrics.

In these ways and many others do we better justify the role of technology for commercial purposes beyond the sake of doing something new, different, or gimmicky. By appealing to the end user, we help you achieve greater success.

Tap here to connect with us and discover how – with custom applications – we can layer an element of personalization vital for contextual and commercial relevance.

Custom Software Applications